Credit Diploma Program

Adult High School Credit Diploma

The Adult High School Credit Diploma program is a prescribed plan, process and structure that requires credit in academic and elective areas.  Credits may be obtained from classes and for work or military experience, independent study or online programs through Connecticut Virtual High School.  The program adheres to state requirements that include: a) certified teachers and counselors; 2) meeting State Department of Education requirements regarding assessment, enrollment, and accountability and reporting; c) meeting required credit standards.

A student who successfully completes the required credits for the AHSCD is awarded a high school diploma by the providing LEA (Lead Educational Agency.)  Enfield is the LEA for Enfield, Somers, Suffield and Granby. 

Requirements:  The minimum age for enrollment in adult education is 17 years of age and officially withdrawn from a Connecticut school district. 

For more information, please call us at (860) 763-7032  to make an appointment with one of our Guidance Counselors on a Mon/Wed/Thur from 2:30 - 5:30 pm

About the Credit Diploma Program

1.  How much do Adult High School Programs cost? 
  • All courses are free to students of cooperating towns, (Suffield, Somers, Enfield, Windsor Locks, Granby, and East Granby) who are no longer enrolled in school. 

2.  How long will completing the Adult High School Program take?

  • The length of the program depends on the number of credits completed prior to starting the program and the number of courses completed each term.  It is recommended that you see a counselor to develop an individual learning plan. 

3.  How many courses must I take each term?

  • Students may choose to take one or more courses, however, they are encouraged to balance their schedule carefully with work, family and other commitments. 

4.  I have 20 credits.  Am I eligible to graduate? 

  • Regardless of number of credits student arrives with, two credits must be earned with Enfield Adult Education and students must meet proficiency/competency requirements. This program suits the students best, who already have completed 18 or more credits prior to entering our program.

5.  Are independent study courses available? 

  • Yes.  Students must meet with the counselor to determine eligibility and requirements. 

6.  When are classes offered? 

  • Courses are held throughout three 10-week trimesters.
  • Online classes consist of rolling flex enrollment throughout the school year.

    7.  Can I get work credit? 

    • Yes.  You can also get credit for approved training programs, i.e., EMT, licensing and home management.